About me

“Above all, video games are meant to just be one thing: Fun for everyone.” – Satoru Iwata

I am an aspiring Game Developer studying a Computer Science Degree at Kingston University. I strive to include originality and flair to all my projects. My specialties are in Python, GML, and Unity C#. I can also Compose Music and Create Graphics.

Committed to problem-solving, I succeed in achieving aims and targets and completing them with enthusiasm. I have independently developed apps for the Google Play store such as Leapy Frog, and created programs as solutions for clients such as Pet Sim. I have my heart set on Game Development by utilizing my talents such as Composing Music, Designing Art, and arranging meaningful gameplay with my Game Design knowledge.

In my spare time, I enjoy composing music, learning Japanese, and playing games. 


Projects Examples

Leapy Frog

The free successor to Flappy Bird is here! It is time to hop, but will your leap of faith reach the next pipe? The concept is simple; tap to jump, and hold to leap.

A mobile game programmed in Unity released on the Google Play Store.


Kick Ninja

Kick Ninja has an appetite for kicking down some walls! Can you tap in time to smash down them down with a kick?

A mobile game released on the Google Play Store.


 Pet Sim

(Documentation Available: Analysis, Design, Testing, Evaluation)

Simulate the commitment of looking after a living dog. The program runs alongside the real world time for added depth and realism. Usernames, passwords, and information about the user’s dogs are handled in a database, whilst allowing the interaction with a virtual pet.

Programmed in Python.

  (Documentation Available Here) Combine magical elements in a fast paced battle to take down the corrupted elements. First, place your chosen elements in a test tube, shake them, place your newly combined element in the catapult, aim, and FIRE!

Prototyped using Axure.


Define the Web

A humorous website developed from scratch to allow the internet to anonymously define each word.

Coded from scratch in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.




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