Examples of Music


Various Compositions

Heavy – Electro Music

Piano Impossible – Electric NeoClassic

Temperatures RisingIntense Action Music

Electric WastelandMinor Ambient Music


DeadMail (Game Jam Music)


 Dead mail refers to mail that is undeliverable as addressed or undeliverable at a forwarding address and cannot be returned to the sender. 
This is a game about some mail that the USPS, as well any other sane postal agency, would definitely classify as dead.

Rainy Tears

Writing my Thoughts

Somber Thoughts

Elevator Thoughts



Toontown (MIDI Music)

Toontown was an online multiplayer game by Disney that targeted kids and teens. In this project, I recreated and composed music to match the theme that the soundtrack originally had.

Toontown Central

 Imitated completely from the reference material and modified with a new melody. Every instrument was selected by hand to match the MIDI sound that the original game had.

Toontown-Styled Music

Composed to follow the style of Toontown’s soundtrack.