What Made Me Want to Make Games

What Made Me Want to Make Games

Recently I have been thinking about my dream of becoming a game programmer and what it really means to do so. Since it was a dream that started when I was a child, it has adapted and changed throughout time to have more form and structure.

Early Years

Young Kylan
A Young Kylan discussing an adventure

When I was 6 years old, I had no idea that games were even programmed on computers, but I still knew that creating an adventure for my friends to play in the playground was what made me happy. I enjoyed the thrill of painting my own world and letting my friends explore it. I would tell them whether they came across a dead-end in a dungeon, or whether a massive ball of giant cheese was hurtling towards them. I was typically always the one in control of what happened in the story, which seems quite bossy and strict the more I think of it now. Despite this, the more I opened up and let my friends decide what happened next by giving them freedom to interact with whatever I said was happening, the more I felt like my world was real. The real joy of my games evolved from painting my world to bringing it to life. I enjoyed conveying emotion.

Taking it a Step Further

With time, my adventures lost its interest as life led to bigger things as I progressed to senior school. Most people had moved onto other things, filling their lives with social gatherings, parties, and games such as Call of Duty *Sigh*. My driving passion for creating games was not over, as I spent my time on progressing my hobbies and skills to continue delivering my stories and emotion.


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